Day 080/100

Do you ever just lie in bed looking at the stars and wondering if you had just taken the left path and not the right path where would you be today? Or was taking the wrong path actually the right path? Through life you are faced with so many decisions and choices how can you ever really know what will the right ones will be. Then again no matter how carefully you may reflect and deliberate before making a choice, life has the wonderful ability of throwing spanners in the works at the most inopportune moments. On such occasions you may find yourself having to travel paths that are less than ideal or rather frightening to contemplate. But I think by having to rethink our decisions the fear of the unknown becomes less overwhelming. That perhaps the whole reason for being forced to alter or change our path of action is to make us take chances, we may never have considered previously. That by doing so we begin to learn more about who we are and what we truly want from life. So the next time life throws you a curve ball and you must travel the lesser know path, remember that you will learn something and its an experience that may help shape the rest of your life.


Raisins for nothing

Day 066/100

My mom has a saying Raisins for nothing and currents for cakes, I have no idea where it comes from but she tends to stand by the statement when things go a tad haywire. Over time I have come it to mean that bad things can happen for no apparent reason, and that you just sometimes have to accept that you will never know why, just have to chalk it up to experience and move forward. One thing I have found is that sometimes you need to have things go wrong in order to obtain the right thing. That by experiencing things that may not be as planned or life just takes a wrong turn, by taking the wrong turn the next turn is the right one, sometimes it is more right than when you began. But the only way you found the right path was going the wrong way. I think what I am tring to say is that even if things appear to be going very wrong, perhaps there is a reason for it, maybe not fully explainable at the time, but by having to endure the chaos you will find yourself eventually at the right place. For sometimes in trying to get from A to B you have to go from C to Z first.