Nearly there

Day 091/100

Well after the events of the last few days, I am back and raring to go. Never thought I would actually make it to the end and be able to keep writing for all this time. And I never imagined that I would have followers or people taking time out to post comments and say hi, that has been cool, and thanks to all of you who have dropped by. Well only a few days left until the finishing line and I have to say I am looking forward to having a bit of a break and trying to find more topics to have a chat about. Not sure what the future holds time wise but I hope to continue blogging, who knows. Anywhoo after all the excitement of the olympics we can settle back into reality and calm. Hope everyone is having a good week and enjoy what little good weather we have been blessed with, Ireland is not well know for its sun.


Muffins, muffins everywhere

Day 071/100

Anyone whose following this blog knows that I am doing it to keep myself from obsessing on food while I try to loose weight. Well it is working except this morning was a bit of a nightmare, my sister is doing some baking for work tomorrow and to get a head start on it, began in the early hours of this morning. That would have been fine except I was awoken at some on godly hour today inhaling the tantalizing aroma of triple chocolate, lemon, strawberry and vanilla muffins. On venturing downstairs for breakfast I was greeted to huge bowls of melting chocolate and peanut butter for the nutty choc tray bake. It is one thing to smell something nice but quite the other to be greeted by your most favorite thing in the world bleary eyed and half asleep, not good. On wolfing down breakfast I made a hasty retreat thinking I was safe, not so lucky, returning home I am now faced with frosted and decorated muffins, rocky road chocolate tray bake, and oodles of fluffernutter frosting. All I can say is I stayed strong and ran, which I think was probably the best thing I could have done. Unfortunately there are times when having a gifted baker as a sister can have its down side.

The night menagerie

Day 065/100

My parents live where we call down the country, where there is nothing but green fields, tonnes of sheep, a few colorful characters and the nearest neighbors are at least two miles away. Great if you love playing loud music, no one to complain. But what keeps them occupied especially Dad at present is documenting the comings and goings of Bertie, Harry, Freddie and the two Nutters. Quite the collection of characters, usually their arrival is announced by every security light going on and the kitchen being lit up like a christmas tree. You would think that like any good visitor they would actually knock on the door and make their presence known, not so here. For the simple fact that Bertie is a big, black and white badger, Harry is a very cute but prickly hedgehog, Freddie is a stunning red fox and the two Nutters are a couple of squirrels, who have my mother demented at the moment. They are the sneakiest of the bunch because they raid the bird feeders in the middle of the day and do so when they know they are being watched. There is not a peanut holder they can not break into, they tend to be known as the heavies as they scare the birds away. The other three come when they can, we think that it is not only Harry who visits but his wife as well, but usually it tends to be boys night out with Bertie and Harry coming together. Freddie is the wanderer of the bunch coming every so often. It is wonderful to be able to sit in the kitchen in the evenings and looking out see the various visitors. They come for a bit of food and to meet up and swop stories from what we can tell, as the back porch seems to be the local watering hole. They eat, drink and are merry, like I said a typical boys night out.


Cats, they win

Day 048/100

Not sure if it is the weather or what, but can not stop sneezing. I am going to blame the cats for this one, my sister in her wisdom welcomed two big, furry, green eyed nutter’s into the house about nine years ago. My only problem is that at times I can be highly allergic to cats, they tend to shed more this time of year, hence me sounding all breathy and alluring as I can not breath properly. As much as I want to shave them of every hair they own I do love them in their own way, although the path to friendship has not been easy. Bubble’s spent the first two years after I came home hissing and attacking me, it was my home and now I was considered the interloper by the cat. Couple of weekends without my sister and me on feeding duty and the friendship was born. Tuts on the other hand is our arch nemesis, looking at him you can see the cogs going, working out how to cause the utmost chaos while looking innocent at the same time. For this cat there is no collar he can not break out of, or refrigerator he can not break into. You would think his skills end there, but no, when asked by the police for identifying marks on my stolen laptop, all I could answer was “there are tiny teeth marks all along one side”. Should make it easy to spot. Every plastic tie on my backpack has been tested for chew-ability, all have failed the test. This cat when so inclined will growl at the postman, will not allow you to go to bathroom unaided and when having dinner is better cloaked for attack than any Klingon vessel. The four lads outside on the other hand would put Hannibal Lecter to shame, they love hunting. It moves, its gone, with the remains being carefully gathered in one spot, unfortunately trying to work out what on earth they have decimated  is a challenge. Not sure there exists a mouse with 6 back legs, one head, and three front paws. Its a serial killers grave yard. But my run in with cats does not end there, a good friend has two wonderful moggies, and one seems to appreciate my personal choice in brassiere. While chatting with my friend one day, her moggie appeared out into the sitting room entangled in this white contraption, on closer inspection we discovered she had pinched my bra. The item was not to be relinquished and she promptly fell asleep, her head securely snuggled in one of the cups. Mortified was not the word, but all we could do was laugh. Over time I have come to become less allergic, but there are still instances when they do not have to even lift a paw to bring me down, a friendly hello is enough. After one meeting I look like I have been through the worst break up of my life. But in the end you have got to love them, for what other creature know to man do you serve, not own.

Car’s don’t think so!

Day 041/100

Spent half the day traveling on buses, and as you might have guessed from earlier posts I tend to spend a fair bit of time bouncing around the city on our beloved public transport. Today my travels were further afield and had need of the doggy bus, to appreciate this moniker you need to see the logo for Bus Eireann. There mascot is an Irish Red Setter and all the buses have the dog painted on the side, hence the name doggy bus. Well you may ask, why do I spend so much time using buses, when over one hundred years ago a think called a car was invented. And has been a very popular and effective mode of transport ever since. Well, the truth is, me and cars are not exactly a match made in heaven. God bless Dad, about seventeen years ago he decided that it would be a good thing for me to learn how to drive, how wrong can a person be. He was a trier I will give you that, me on the other hand tried to learn how to drive, emphasis on tried. Not before crashing the car into the ditch, backing the car into a brick wall, minor damage on this occasion, not being able to change gears without looking at the gear stick, thus eyes not on the road and tending to be on the wrong side of the road, attempting unsuccessfully to avoid the lone cyclist. Now my uncle in his wisdom decided he would take over the reins,  well that story ended so well. Two lessons in a he refused to ever sit in a car with me, let alone with me driving it. Unfortunately my uncle found out that I can come to a dead stop going from fifty miles an hour to zero in a split second, all in fifth gear and no breaks, don’t ask how I did it, not sure, but survived. Also I have no understanding of how to negotiate a bridge at less than sixty miles an hour, think Dukes of Hazzard for this one. Needless to say after such escapades it is safer for me and the rest of the world if I am not allowed behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle, and this includes and is not limited to cars, vans, ride on lawn mowers, etc. You get the idea.

Only on a Tuesday

Day 021/100

Tuesday is my day to kinda goof around doing all my messages, mailing letters, catching up with emails and treating myself to a coffee out, reading the latest novel. But one thing I have come to notice is no matter how beautiful a week we are having weather wise it will always rain on a Tuesday, the one day I have to go out. Yesterday was stunning and tomorrow who knows. Always a Tuesday, but you know I have come to welcome the rain for where else would I get to look like a demented elf in June. You need to see me in my winter hat and coat to truly appreciate the image. Hense, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s learning to dance in the rain“, anonymous. Hope you are all having a more sunny week.

Sweets for my sweet

Day 015/100

“Life is like a box of chocolates … You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Forrest Gump

All I want is chocolate and lots of it. But alas I have to restrain myself at present, which does not bode well for my temperament. In my longing for just a single piece of rich, bitter, cocoa excellence, I have realized how many of my memories of friends are evoked through chocolate. For one friend it was a shared love of those dark chocolate and raspberry bars by Godiva, another waiting patiently to have the first Starbuck’s Mocha Frappuccino’s of the summer complete with lots of whipped cream and chocolate sauce together, a past Valentines day with a gift of dark hot chocolate mix, to be savored over the coming year, gift boxes of Niederegger chocolate covered marzipan sweets causing issues for German customs, (metal gift boxes not smart), sharing cream filled, chocolate topped eclairs’ over coffee, conveniently missing class or the fun in decapitating the Lindt Easter bunnies. Life is as Forest Gump says like a box of chocolates, as are friends, the ones akin to truffles, once you crack the through the crisp shell a soft centre is revealed, toffee’s, at times a little hard to work with but everything comes good in the end, those decadent concoctions that you only cros paths with once in a while, and the ones left at the bottom of the box after all the rest have been chosen, are life’s true friends. For they will stick with you right to the end, through thick and thin. Chocolate and friends what more could one want out of life, a friend bearing chocolates might just surpass.