What would Galileo think?

Day 083/100

Curiosity landed on mars, this I think is an apt title for is it not curiosity that has pushed mans need to explore beyond the limits of this small watery planet. But what strikes me more is how someone like Galileo would think about all this? What would he say? Would he even believe it possible for man to have left the earth and landed on the moon? Would he think it a good thing or a bad thing to exploring space? Or would he find the whole process fascinating and like any past mind of greatness just let his curiosity get the better of him and just see what happens. I think with the technological advances made over the last century what the early pioneers in mathematics, physics, medicine, chemistry, science, botany and biology would think of where man is today, could they have foreseen what advances were to be made using their discoveries as the foundations for this future knowledge. Unfortunately they are not with us today but can only imagine them sitting together in some great big lecture hall arguing the merits of the internet, mobile telephones, digital cameras, MRI imaging, decoding DNA or putting a man in space. I wonder if they think we got it right or wrong and what would they have done differently, would be interesting to see a few of them converse with their respective counterparts today. Who knows?


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