What becomes of the broken hearted?

Day 082/100

Was doing some art work the other day listening to the radio, where all the songs played seemed to have some connection to love, romance or broken relationships and I began to wonder “What becomes of the broken hearted?” Do they become the modern day equivalent of Miss Havisham, or Liz Gilbert, traveling the world to find what is now presumed lost, or Vianne Rocher taking comfort in her children and crafting her chocolates bringing love to others. Who knows love is a funny thing and the only two creatures who really know what will come to pass is Eros and Cupid, for after all they are the two mischievous creatures who set everything in motion. Perhaps we need to be broken hearted at least once in life so that when real love comes knocking we know what it is and can grasp it with all our might. That all the pain once suffered is soon forgotten, replaced by a lifetime of hope, love, fun and comfort. Like many things before we get to possess that which gives meaning to life, some times we need to experience a few bumps along the way. Here’s to love and to all those broken hearted people, may the pain it brings last but a second and that Eros will bestow his blessing.


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