why that book?

Day 081/100

Was watching an art program on television today and the artists had been challenged to create a piece of work that encapsulated the content of a specific book. The winning piece would then become the cover art for the book in question. It was an interesting exercise for all the artists and of how they view what could be deemed commercial art rather than fine art, but what those who felt the work was beneath hem failed to realize was that some of the greatest artists have been commissioned to create or had existing work chosen to adorn the cover of a specific book. The chosen piece visually striking, I have not read the book in question so do not know if it reflected the content accurately. On thinking about the challenge later was how much our choice of book is decided through the strengths of the cover art? For me I have my set of writers I follow and the covers could be anything, I choose the book simply for the content rather than appearance. Now if I am stuck for reading material between favorite authors I so have a hunt around on the book shelves. But again I tend not to go for cover art but keep picking up titles and reading the blurbs, I tend to find the written information more informative at times than the chosen cover art. Although the art work may be striking and beautifully done, it is very challenging to give a well informed and rounded synopsis of a book in a single image. That is not to say this holds true for all titles, there are those who manage to encapsulate the essence of the respective book with breathtaking visuals, that resonate with the book buyer. But I think that in employing the methods I do in choosing new titles perhaps I loose out on the excitement of discovering a great read because I did not like the cover art and vice versa.


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