What is there, yet not

Day 079/100

As you may know photography is my area of interest and research, and for the last few weeks have been thinking more and more about starting my next block of research, which examines crime scene photography from a fine art perspective. Yep I do not shy away from the more challenging genres of photography. But what has been preoccupying me at present looking at the city is how in the past, areas that I see now were once sites of past crimes. Yet there remains little or no evidence of what occurred. In essence the photographic record if available at the time the crime occurred is the only tangible record of what once occurred. But as accurate as these visual records may appear to be there will always be a certain ambiguity inherent in these photographs, as with any example of the photographic medium. By knowing that these events have taken place and seeing the supporting visual documentation, when viewing the specific street or house now, my reading of the area becomes tainted, making what was once absent or unknown present, visible, forever changing how that specific place is viewed. In a way by having this new knowledge the city becomes more haunted and a more sinister place to exist within. Making you realise that even the most ancient of history and events never really leave the place of their creation.


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