Eclectic meetings

Day 078/100

I am really not having much luck with technology today everything seems to be going a tad nuts, I would hazard that is due to me not the machines in question. Its been a quite day, but as ever no matter how hard I try I always seem to attract the more unusual members of city travelers. Today on the Luas (Dublin’s tram system) I was blessed with two distinct gentlemen, and I though they were a safe bet for a quite journey. One spent the entire journey talking to himself, afraid he made no sense to me, but his conversation with the mysterious absent friend seemed to be quite interesting. The other gentleman decided to sing a range of contemporary chart hits, off key and at deafening levels. He was having a good time, not sure the rest of the world was quite so supportive. Meeting such eclectic people seems to be one of my given gifts, even if the entire bus is full the only drunk person on it will choose me to talk to, additionally I get cornered by every dotty dear out doing her grocery shopping, and have been saved more than once by the bible brigade. Although at times these meetings can be quite odd, I have had some very interesting conversations and met some wonderful people, who have a very unique view of life. Which at times help you to see the world in quite a different way, and on more than one occasion have helped me see that even if the world has gone to hell in a hand cart, there is always a positive to be had, I suppose I envy them there freedom from conventionalities and that they can experience the world with all the wonder and awe of a child. The world is a richer place with them.




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