Roll on Autumn

Day 077/100

I know we still have the rest of the summer to go, but I can not wait for autumn. It is late at the minute here and the wind is starting to pick up. Tis coupled with heavy rain is my idea of heaven, mind you I would have to be under a very large duvet, accompanied by a big mug of hot chocolate and a good book. Just listening to the world move through the seasons. I know autumn and winter can be cold, dark and somewhat dreary but there is Halloween to look forward to, warm wood fires and oodles of comfort food. I know I am on a diet but a girl can dream. I love soups and have fun trying out new ones, I especially like pumpkin and butternut squash, with lots of spices. They are lovely with grated mature white cheddar on top and with brown toast and hummus. I like odd combo’s. Unfortunately this year will have to wait until the depths of darkest January and February to partake. Will have to be on my diet for a while yet, my only downfall will be christmas dinner. Now that can not be missed. I tend to dinner with gravy not gravy with dinner, which is not exactly healthy but hey you only live once. So here’s to the long nights, dark days and warming food, bring on the winter.


4 thoughts on “Roll on Autumn

  1. I cannot wait until cool weather hits. Walking around in a coat and scarf, crunching through leaves with a hot drink in your hand…beyond delightful! 🙂

    • vacantpages says:

      Could not have said it better, there is a huge park in Dublin and during the winter is brilliant for long walks trailing through the fallen leaves. Looking forward to a big mug of rich hot chocolate. Not long to wait.

  2. F(r)iction says:

    I hear you on the gravy, but give Summer a chance will you… been late in coming, slow in blooming and she is most always quick in retreat… Give her some time to blossom into summertime.
    Halloween won’t do a diddle on you, have no fear!

    • vacantpages says:

      Thinking on it your right, maybe I have been a little too hasty with wishing summer gone, perhaps a little patience is required. I will take time over the next few weeks to enjoy the rest of summer. Thanks for stooping by and for your comment, very poetic and much appreciated.

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