Day 076/100

Spent the best part of this morning watching a pair of grey squirrels trying their best to break into the bird feeders in the back yard. You have got to give them credit for trying, if at first you don’t succeed then try, try again. That is exactly what they were doing. One of the nutty pair was hanging upside down from the  support for the bird feeder and shaking it to see what came out, and then copped on that if you let the birds eat, they know stuff on the ground. So why waste all that energy when you can get all you want just waiting around for it. Now the other fella is a bit more with it, one of the peanut feeders has a sliding base, which you open to fill and slide back in place when full. This particular squirrel worked this out, so all he had to do was open and low and behold be showered with a cascade of nuts, no effort involved. As you can imagine Dad was not to happy to refilling the feeders for this pair of chancers to be making off with the spoils in broad daylight, so a compromise was reached. Dad leaves nuts on the path outside, the squirrels have their lunch, leave the birds alone and Dad gets to watch them bouncing around the place. Its pretty quite in the country and you have to take your entertainment where you can. Mind you he now has me watching the little nutters at work to see what shenanigans they get up to, I really need a better social life.

I think I have lost it


4 thoughts on “I think I have lost it

  1. Invite some friends over for a squirrel and bird-watching party. They can bring all their stale bread and drink tea! 🙂 At least, that’s perhaps what I would do if I had a yard.

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