What I miss

Day 074/100

Today was a wonderfully quite day, no cats, no noise, no housework. Heaven, and what did I spend the day doing, sitting at the kitchen table, working on a project. I have not had the chance to work like this for a while, and it was wonderful just to turn on the radio, and work through my art project. Most people I know like having others around and find that being on their own is a challenge, for me it is the complete opposite. I love time on my own, and find that being around a lot of people for long periods of time difficult. I think it comes from being a workaholic, if I have stuff to do, I just become so focued that I fail to register anything else, and hate being interrrupted. Not good, as I don not really pay attention and tend to cause havoc at times. Also I think people mistake being alone for being lonely, they are quite different, and I find being on my own I have the time and dpace to think and work through my art, so that when I do get to spend time with friends my focus is on them and not the next piece I have to get finished. The last few days is like having my studio again, and I just did not realise how much I missed having my own space, where I can work and not have to pack up everything at the end of the da, and there is no fear of work being damaged. I miss having my studio and the freedom it gives. Here’s hoping soon.


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