If only…

Day 073/100

I am like millions of other people tuned in to the opening of the Olympics, I can honestly say I only watched the last bit and waited just to see the Irish team walk in. We are but a small nation but hopefully we will do well. It was nice to see so many women as flag bearers, and for a number of countries to send female athletes for the first time, well done. May be the times they are a changin’. What came to mind as I sat there for what seemed like hours is how all the nations of the world, can lay aside, for a time, their differences and come together, and compete, without letting outside influences dictate. Which is a great feat, yet I was wondering if instead of countries fighting each other on the battlefield, could they not resolve their difference through competitive sport. Where the winning country is determined through the completion of a number of sporting challenges. In the long run it would remove the need for mindless bloodshed and war. But I think that would be only possible in a perfect world, which does not presently exist.


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