Muffins, muffins everywhere

Day 071/100

Anyone whose following this blog knows that I am doing it to keep myself from obsessing on food while I try to loose weight. Well it is working except this morning was a bit of a nightmare, my sister is doing some baking for work tomorrow and to get a head start on it, began in the early hours of this morning. That would have been fine except I was awoken at some on godly hour today inhaling the tantalizing aroma of triple chocolate, lemon, strawberry and vanilla muffins. On venturing downstairs for breakfast I was greeted to huge bowls of melting chocolate and peanut butter for the nutty choc tray bake. It is one thing to smell something nice but quite the other to be greeted by your most favorite thing in the world bleary eyed and half asleep, not good. On wolfing down breakfast I made a hasty retreat thinking I was safe, not so lucky, returning home I am now faced with frosted and decorated muffins, rocky road chocolate tray bake, and oodles of fluffernutter frosting. All I can say is I stayed strong and ran, which I think was probably the best thing I could have done. Unfortunately there are times when having a gifted baker as a sister can have its down side.


2 thoughts on “Muffins, muffins everywhere

  1. F(r)iction says:

    Having a sister in the kitchen can have a down side, indeed; especially if she’s baking, you’re aching and the cookies are tasty, melting, your gaze a little hazy. These small layers of frosting are sent to fox some. Stay strong.
    Take care.

    • vacantpages says:

      Could not have put it better myself. I did resist, it is only rarely my sister torments me with such delicious smells. She has been my biggist supporter for this challenge so I can forgive the odd muffin outbreak. Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.

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