Day 069/100

Thats the only question I can ask this evening Why?, my Mom has just had major surgery and my Dad got home tonight to find the house had been burgled. Why or who would stoop so low, it is a small community and tight knit so people are aware of what is going on, but for someone to do what they did at such a difficult time, beggars belief. Having been burgled myself a few years ago, I know what it is like. It is not so much the fact they took anything but the fact someone was going through your things, invading your space or you left thinking have they been watching me so they know when I am out. All I can hope is that who ever did this that karma kicks in big time and they get their just desserts, and I hope it causes them as much pain as they have caused others.


4 thoughts on “Why??

  1. I am so sorry, that is really horrible.

  2. I’m so sorry. All the best to your mum.

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