The night menagerie

Day 065/100

My parents live where we call down the country, where there is nothing but green fields, tonnes of sheep, a few colorful characters and the nearest neighbors are at least two miles away. Great if you love playing loud music, no one to complain. But what keeps them occupied especially Dad at present is documenting the comings and goings of Bertie, Harry, Freddie and the two Nutters. Quite the collection of characters, usually their arrival is announced by every security light going on and the kitchen being lit up like a christmas tree. You would think that like any good visitor they would actually knock on the door and make their presence known, not so here. For the simple fact that Bertie is a big, black and white badger, Harry is a very cute but prickly hedgehog, Freddie is a stunning red fox and the two Nutters are a couple of squirrels, who have my mother demented at the moment. They are the sneakiest of the bunch because they raid the bird feeders in the middle of the day and do so when they know they are being watched. There is not a peanut holder they can not break into, they tend to be known as the heavies as they scare the birds away. The other three come when they can, we think that it is not only Harry who visits but his wife as well, but usually it tends to be boys night out with Bertie and Harry coming together. Freddie is the wanderer of the bunch coming every so often. It is wonderful to be able to sit in the kitchen in the evenings and looking out see the various visitors. They come for a bit of food and to meet up and swop stories from what we can tell, as the back porch seems to be the local watering hole. They eat, drink and are merry, like I said a typical boys night out.



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