No one talks anymore

Day 064/100

The BBC website is a wealth of information, be it the serious job of news reporting or informing the populous of those more quirky slices of everyday life. Reading it earlier and a piece about texting caught my eye, now me and texting, its up there with driving and cooking. Those who have been following for the last few weeks will appreciate the references. Well seemingly in the UK for the first time people are choosing to physically talk less with each other, but to communicate instead more through texting. After reading about this all that came to mind was first the death of letter writing and now quite possibly speech, of course that might be a tad extreme, but with the increase in texting perhaps not such a nutty idea. Not too sure of a world with no human conversations, where the only form of communication is carried out using a small black mobile device, even if those using it are in the same room. Mind you with all that silence we could actually hear the world for once, with out the interruption of crazy ring tones, those of the thunderous voices or having to listen to a bad rendition of the latest pop sensation. Beginning to see the benefits to having less noise, but then again no man is an island, and without conversation and discussion some of the worlds greatest works and discoveries may never have been made. Can not really imagine James D. Watson and Francis Crick, texting each other across the laboratory in their  hunt to unravel the structure of the DNA molecule. Nope, good old fashioned conversation, works every time. 



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