Day 063/100

It has actually been a nice, rain free day here in the Emerald Isle, for once, but I am sure that will change over the course of the week. Just beginning to get things sorted for my trip away next month, looking forward to it  but hesitant as well. It will be seven years since I have seen some of my friends and visited some of my favorite places, and wondering what things will have changed. Over that length of time change is inevitable, for the most part change is a good thing although it can create doubts. But like any new adventure you just have to take the good with the bad and see how things progress. For at the end of the day life is a learning experience and in order to grow you need to be faced with new challenges and learn to adapt to tricky situations. From the sounds of it everything will be great and even with all the traveling it will be good to sit and relax for once. Hope everyone is having a good week.


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Hope it’s fun! For me, when I am going on some type of an adventure and feel a little anxious, I try to have something constant to hold onto. Maybe a rock, or a breathing practice focused on breath, or a ring, something like that. Then, at least no matter what happens, I have that thing. (That’s part of why breath is great…can’t lose it!) But even without a thing like that, I’m sure you’ll be so distracted by the fun things that the little doubts go away. Have fun!

    • vacantpages says:

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for the advice, will keep it in mind. I think I should be fine, just have not seen friends for a while and just like the school reunions get nervous. Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.

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