How true…

Day 058/100

In book making mode at the minute and can not keep my brain from thinking about anything other than type, layout, paper and binding techniques. Its madness at times but you just have to go crazy once in a while. Hunting around I found this quote from R.D. Cumming A good book has no ending, and thinking on it it is true, a good book does not end once the last few pages have been turned and the thick covers encircling them reunited. It continues to resonate long after the final chapter has come to a close and you have begun your next journey, seeking out the next sublime master of storytelling. But as we move from one book to the next a certain vestige of those pages that have passed remain, lingering in our mind, evoking long forgotten passages or events. Making us contemplate the memories of our time embroiled in fictional romances, dastardly murders, bodice ripping shenanigans, and the harsh realities of disconsolate endings. A book begins the story it is the reader who finishes it, be it in the dream world or reflected in their waking, catching a fleeting glimpse of a forlorn Miss Havisham, the bag lady in the park who shouts at the world, Paddington Bear, a much loved teddy forgotten on the train, Hercule Poirot, the flamboyant older gentleman professor, and Alice, the girl in the coffee shop with the far away look in her eyes. For a good book has no ending for with every reading it begins anew, continuing the cycle of imagination and exploration.


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