Doing rather than watching

Day 057/100

Yesterdays post has proved very popular, thank you for all the likes and views, much appreciated and I hope that no is thinking of trying the more unusual items listed. Be it on your head. Started doing book making workshop today, interesting but you know when all you want to do is just start making stuff but you have to sit through all the demonstrations first. I felt like I was back in primary school, starting to fidget and hop from one foot to the other, not good. I just like doing stuff, tend to get bored when I have to stand for hours just watching, but it giving me an insight into how I have done demonstrations for my photography students, no wonder they looked like they could sleep for a hundred years. Starting to think I was a tad slow at going through stuff and should have let them loose a bit sooner. But sure we all have to learn as they say, and when instructing others it takes time, patience and the ability to smile when it all goes wrong, or when you have a more mature student who thinks because you look like your seventeen that you have no idea what you are doing. And is not backward in letting you know. Where on the other hand twelve year olds think your ancient (only 34 by the way) cause your their teacher. I can not win either way, I think I am just at an awkward stage, too old and too young in equal measure. Sure I’ll just grow out of it.


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