Irish food, how wonderful?

Day 056/100

Been a busy day, but at least the curse of it always rains on a tuesday seems to have moved on. I was starting to think we were indeed truly cursed concerning tuesdays weather. In the middle of making plans to travel next month, fingers crossed, I have not been away on holidays since New Orleans in 2005, I was lucky I got the opportunity to see the city in all her splendor before hurricane Katrina. New Orleans is an amazing city with such friendly people, and the food, I think I put on a stone eating nothing but pulled pork, bar-b-que, po boys, pizza, gumbo, corn bread, and my favorite creme brulee tarts, I though I had died and gone to heaven.  I am not sure if Irelands traditional fare could hold its own against some of the delights other countries have to offer food wise. Bet you have never heard of crubeens, not some a magical type of bean but boiled/grilled pigs feet, lovely, huh. Next on the list, oh here’s one to salivate over, milk mixed with butter and cows blood, I kid you not. Not as common now but popular in the last couple of centuries. And who can over look the humble spud, we have been known to eat it in every meal, from potato bread, colcannon, boxty, and Irish stew. Not one of my favorite vegetables, considering here a meal in not considered a meal, without its inclusion. Aghh. One thing we did get right is bread, and white soda bread is gorgeous, its quite dense, but sliced, fried in beef dripping and with a couple of eggs, you do not need feeding for the rest of the day. Heaven. Like most cultures we do have a blood pudding, have to pass on that one, but I do like white pudding, not entirely sure what is in it, but I do not need to know, sometimes ignorance is bliss. The only other odd combo I can think of is steak pie made with Guinness, oysters and beef, that you can keep. What I am looking forward to having on my travels is a slice of a good tourtiere, my friend’s husbands saturday morning concoctions, no recipe, just what ever is left over, spiced cinnamon mocha, proper chinese and japanese food, not the greatest variety here. The list would be endless and I could go on forever, but I must cease as I am getting hungry and being on a diet thats just not helping matters. Eat well and enjoy.


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