Day late and a dollar short

Day 054/100

I think I should have been maned Alice considering this is my second late posting, shame on me. Spent the best part of the evening watching a television program examining the financial crisis the world now finds itself embroiled in, what possibly caused it and if there is actually a viable solution. Unfortunately I am as wise now as before I sat through the program. Being a broke student for the best part of my adult life I have never had money to loose nor money to spend, for I know I’ll most likely never own my own home nor possibly have a secure pension when I retire, but knowing how things go, I might have to retire at like a hundred. My sister ever the optimist does make a good point that we have been through worse financial times and survived, the 1980’s in Ireland was a very bleak time and it was a struggle for many people, but we got through it. What I have began wondering is that if Y2K actually had occurred and shut down every computer reliant technology in the world, would we be at this juncture today. The Y2K bug would have I think evened the playing field with regards to money, as there would not be any. The vast amount of the wealth determined today exists on a virtual piece of paper in a computer. So no computers, no money, no wealth. Perhaps it would not have been a bad thing, perhaps we would better understand the cost and value of an item, where bartering would come back. I think what would make this a better way of doing things, is that for once we would have to rely on our own capabilities and intelligence, and with the need to share and integrate skills and knowledge make for a more cohesive society. Instead of you having what I want and taking it, I am now forced to negotiate and relinquish something to attain what I want. I do realize a perfect utopian ideal is impossible but perhaps being returned to the basis of civilization man might avoid making the same mistakes, and be able to keep up with the technological advances he is so keen to obtain.


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