Manners, maketh the man

Day 053/100

Spent the day at a chocolate making workshop, which would be cool, if not also funny. There were four of us a vegan, a dieter, a diabetic and a normal chocolate eater (sister). The girls presenting the workshop were starting to worry when the three of us were not sampling the proffered chocolate, as you might have guessed my sister got to sample every delectable delight presented. From milk, white and dark chocolate leaves, to soft caramel filled chocolates, finishing with caramel waffles. We did all get to make a chocolate kitten, only problem with mine is it looked a little like a ghost at the end, the white chocolate managed to blend in with the dark chocolate, creating a ghostly sheen. As no one can eat there’s my sister now has a refrigerator full of cute chocolate kittens, which I am sure will have a happy but short lived existence. The only thing that marred the proceedings was a group of older ladies, who felt the need to talk all the way through the presentation and demonstration by the two girls instructing the workshop. Even when asked to quieten down remained very loud and somewhat disruptive. My mom is in a wheelchair and when trying to get her out of the room, the ladies just blocked the way, and when leaving the buildings front door did not have the manners to step back and let her pass. It is not that she deserves special treatment, but it is just manners to do it, unfortunately for some manners is something others should show. What their lack of manners more striking was the contrasting behavior of the children present, there were about fifteen in all, from very young to early teens, for the entire session, they sat quietly, were polite, when they wished to ask a question put up there hands, and enjoyed making the chocolate kittens without being disruptive and yet had fun. (Not all parents were in the room). They were a credit to their parents. On more than one occasion of I have heard older people belittle and protest about “the youth of today”, who they deem rude and impolite, where as from my experience I have found the opposite scenario to be more accurate. I have lost count of the number of times I have been pushed out of the way while waiting for a bus, been skipped when queuing in a shop while waiting to pay, verbally abused when serving older customers, and having to listen to a running commentary of the film I am watching in the cinema. Not all older people are like this but there are some who think because of age it is there right to treat others badly, yet will see nothing wrong with their own behavior. Remember there are well behaved and less well behaved people at every age, and before you generalize the behavior of one specific group, step back and take a look at your own behavior first, before passing comment. These ladies may have had a wonderful day out but unfortunately for those around them it was not as enjoyable.


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