What impressions, we just don’t know

Day 052/100

Went to a psychic a couple of weeks ago, I found it very interesting, but I am curious about lots of things and have learned never to say no to an opportunity. You just do not know what you might learn. I am not a devout follower of the paranormal but will admit there are things that happen we just can not explain, and experience things that make us question or react unlike our usual selves. The one thing I can remember was a discussion about those people I am distanced from, the distance coming from being on different continents and of how much of an impact I made in their lives. It was explained as a positive influence. I had never considered that by knowing me I may have been an influence on someone else. I always consider myself the lucky one in that I have gotten to meet some very extraordinary people and made many wonderful friends, but never though that I had anything to offer them. Having had the chance to ponder upon his words for the last week or so I have adopted this notion that I did not consider my importance to others, as my own self confidence is a bit lacking. Stems from being bullied in high school, you spend your time wondering why you?, and in the end because you can never answer the question, you come to believe that what they say is true and you are worthless. Thus, I never though that by knowing me I might make a difference to someone else, and maybe unknowingly have helped them in some way. This notion of having a positive influence was brought home to me more in the last few days, I am hoping to travel at the end of the sumer to see all my friends before I have to hibernate for the next tree years. And in contacting them no one has refused me a bed or to spend time together, even if things are difficult at present. It is wonderful to know I have such good friends and the happiness in their voices knowing I am coming. I just never understood until possibly now that I am important to someone else. So as much as you value your friendships remember that you are as valued by them as well, even if you just do not think it. Even if it is a fleeting moment we all leave an impression on all those we meet, make sure its a good one.



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