Where do you want to go?

Day 049/100

Got an email today from a bus company asking me “Where did I want to go?”, and it got me thinking, which at times for me can be a dangerous thing. Where do I wan to go, obviously they were addressing travel, but there are so many other areas that the question could be applied to in life. For my career I want to go back to university and get my doctorate, leave Ireland and get the job I have always dreamed of, in addition become a famous photographer, traveling the world taking photographs and continuing my research. In terms of relationships, always a tricky area, who is unconventional, honest, I would like someone who likes me for who I am, supports me in what I want achieve and when I do daft things, just smiles and puts it down to being eccentric, and who can actually make their own dinner. I am not a Nigella Lawson, remember the post a few days ago Cooking and me, yeah right?. It is a very accurate description of me, no domestic goddess. Mind you can clean really well. I want to be able to see my friends and hang out doing daft things, including having water fights in the art department during the summer, eating Cinnabon’s for breakfast and convincing myself they are healthy, and getting the wrong bus across town and not realizing it. At times tying my own shoelaces can be a challenge. Ultimately actually seeing my friends and not communicating by telephone or email. Its good to talk but better if you are actually in the same room. I suppose these things are what everyone would wish for but in the current climate may not be so easily attainable. Ultimately its not where I wan to go that is important, but where the world needs to go. Which I hope will be a more financially secure, less violent and more engaging place. For a lot of people at present the world is tough place and getting where you wan to go is more challenging, I hope in time you reach your destination and it is all that you wanted it to be.


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