Cats, they win

Day 048/100

Not sure if it is the weather or what, but can not stop sneezing. I am going to blame the cats for this one, my sister in her wisdom welcomed two big, furry, green eyed nutter’s into the house about nine years ago. My only problem is that at times I can be highly allergic to cats, they tend to shed more this time of year, hence me sounding all breathy and alluring as I can not breath properly. As much as I want to shave them of every hair they own I do love them in their own way, although the path to friendship has not been easy. Bubble’s spent the first two years after I came home hissing and attacking me, it was my home and now I was considered the interloper by the cat. Couple of weekends without my sister and me on feeding duty and the friendship was born. Tuts on the other hand is our arch nemesis, looking at him you can see the cogs going, working out how to cause the utmost chaos while looking innocent at the same time. For this cat there is no collar he can not break out of, or refrigerator he can not break into. You would think his skills end there, but no, when asked by the police for identifying marks on my stolen laptop, all I could answer was “there are tiny teeth marks all along one side”. Should make it easy to spot. Every plastic tie on my backpack has been tested for chew-ability, all have failed the test. This cat when so inclined will growl at the postman, will not allow you to go to bathroom unaided and when having dinner is better cloaked for attack than any Klingon vessel. The four lads outside on the other hand would put Hannibal Lecter to shame, they love hunting. It moves, its gone, with the remains being carefully gathered in one spot, unfortunately trying to work out what on earth they have decimated  is a challenge. Not sure there exists a mouse with 6 back legs, one head, and three front paws. Its a serial killers grave yard. But my run in with cats does not end there, a good friend has two wonderful moggies, and one seems to appreciate my personal choice in brassiere. While chatting with my friend one day, her moggie appeared out into the sitting room entangled in this white contraption, on closer inspection we discovered she had pinched my bra. The item was not to be relinquished and she promptly fell asleep, her head securely snuggled in one of the cups. Mortified was not the word, but all we could do was laugh. Over time I have come to become less allergic, but there are still instances when they do not have to even lift a paw to bring me down, a friendly hello is enough. After one meeting I look like I have been through the worst break up of my life. But in the end you have got to love them, for what other creature know to man do you serve, not own.


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