10 Things I love about Canada

Day 047/100

To all Canadians at home and abroad, hope you all have a great day and enjoy the celebrations.

1: Tim Hortons – coffee and doughnuts 24/7 what more could a girl ask for

2: Ice Hockey – Go Gretzky

3: Cinnabon’s – what more can be said about hot cinnamon rolls covered in sticky, white icing, heaven

4: Royal Canadian Mounted Police – every girl loves a guy in uniform

5: The Red Green Show – 101 uses for duct tape, cool

6: Bob and Doug McKenzie – need I say more

7: Kiss the cod – surprised we didn’t come up with it first, doing daft things when three sheets to the wind

8: Ice Fishing – fishing in the depths of winter, not the sanest of past times

9: Cultural Diversity – the whole world in one country, pretty neat

10: All my friends, sorry I can’t be there to celebrate but hope you are all having a great day and enjoying the long weekend. Keeping the flag flying here in the Emerald Isle.



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