Insignificant meetings

Day 044/100

Ever have a conversation with a complete stranger only for them to understand you better than any one who knows you. And once the conversation has come to an end you feel as if some great weight has been lifted from you, yet you never realized it was there in the first place. The trick here is to really listen to what has been said and to reflect upon it, for there is something in the strangers words that illuminate the dark recesses of your mind and help to solve a puzzle you never knew needed solving. Although such instances should be disquieting, for me they help me to become Alice looking through the looking glass. To place me outside of my thoughts and fears, to be able to see them fro another distinct perspective, and in doing so be able to see the hidden pathways through them. These chance conversations if only a word or two, remind me of a quote “there are no insignificant meetings”, where it is from or who said it eludes me at present. But its essence rings true, weather we meet someone for a few seconds or for years there is a specific meaning and reason for it, even if we never fully understand it until years later. I think what I am trying to say is that do not discount a strangers words for it may be those few simply spoken utterances that clarify everything.


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