I’m Late, I’m Late

Day 040/100

Sorry for my tardiness, I feel a little like the White Rabbit at the minute. Like all good intentions, meant to write yesterday evening but got so engrossed in a couple of crime who dun-it’s on television and well lost all sense of time. Me bad. Mind you it was nice to sit down for a change and just hang out and not worry about anything except trying to figure out who the murderer was. Believe me two hours of was it him, no its her, only to discover it was the most obvious answer after all. I think in future I will stick to yelling at the Food Network, very therapeutic. This is an ongoing joke with a god friend of mine, when ever I visit I watch the food programs and start giving out to chef’s that they are doing it wrong, now I am no expert. But when you are deemed general bottle washer and dogs-body in a kitchen, being over seen by your Mother, you learn to do things right, or else a wet tea-towel gets flung at your head. Very awakening you could say. The second crime drama was better but was so confused by the end had no idea what was going on, clear as mud you could say. Then low and behold five minutes from the end all was revealed and all I could say was huh, really it was her. Never saw that coming, mind you I was half asleep at this stage, it was well past midnight and like the White Rabbit very late, very late indeed. In my defense all I can say is sometimes its better to be late than never.


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