Car’s don’t think so!

Day 041/100

Spent half the day traveling on buses, and as you might have guessed from earlier posts I tend to spend a fair bit of time bouncing around the city on our beloved public transport. Today my travels were further afield and had need of the doggy bus, to appreciate this moniker you need to see the logo for Bus Eireann. There mascot is an Irish Red Setter and all the buses have the dog painted on the side, hence the name doggy bus. Well you may ask, why do I spend so much time using buses, when over one hundred years ago a think called a car was invented. And has been a very popular and effective mode of transport ever since. Well, the truth is, me and cars are not exactly a match made in heaven. God bless Dad, about seventeen years ago he decided that it would be a good thing for me to learn how to drive, how wrong can a person be. He was a trier I will give you that, me on the other hand tried to learn how to drive, emphasis on tried. Not before crashing the car into the ditch, backing the car into a brick wall, minor damage on this occasion, not being able to change gears without looking at the gear stick, thus eyes not on the road and tending to be on the wrong side of the road, attempting unsuccessfully to avoid the lone cyclist. Now my uncle in his wisdom decided he would take over the reins,  well that story ended so well. Two lessons in a he refused to ever sit in a car with me, let alone with me driving it. Unfortunately my uncle found out that I can come to a dead stop going from fifty miles an hour to zero in a split second, all in fifth gear and no breaks, don’t ask how I did it, not sure, but survived. Also I have no understanding of how to negotiate a bridge at less than sixty miles an hour, think Dukes of Hazzard for this one. Needless to say after such escapades it is safer for me and the rest of the world if I am not allowed behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle, and this includes and is not limited to cars, vans, ride on lawn mowers, etc. You get the idea.


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