Crosswords, the ah ha moment

Day 039/100

I suppose everyone at some point has taken the time to fill in a crossword puzzle and is quite chuffed that they could actually complete it all, with little or no cheating. Yep, though so, always have a dictionary at hand or in the case of my Dad one of those electronic gismos that give you the answer. What I love about them is that there will always be one or two words that no matter how hard you try you just will not get, until that important moment you are sitting quietly on a bus or having a coffee, and all of a sudden you look like you are about to let rip the biggest fart known to man. Your face takes on that pained expression of, duh, why the hell did not get that three weeks ago, it was soooo simple, a ferret could have gotten it. Mind you it does help matters if you are not dyslexic, as I am, it is amazing how just one letter out can cause so much grief and chaos, and make ferrets appear so much more intelligent. The consequence of this pained expression is that those sitting close to you start to shift nervously or in some cases discreetly begin to shuffle away. Taking the time to verbally berate yourself while this revelation hits is probably not the best idea and to be honest I have had those looks from people, thinking how sad, she is not quite all there, maybe she forgot her medication today. So now to help alleviate the possible problem of looking like a fruit loop I cheat and look up the clue, happy in the knowledge that I and my fellow bus passengers and coffee drinkers are free from the ramblings of an incoherent crossword nut. I think in future I will stick to Sudoku, much safer me thinks.


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