Day overcomes Night

Day 037/100

As everyone is probably aware today is the Summer Solstice when the number of daylight hours are at there greatest. To me it is more akin to a great battle that takes place every six months between the gods of day and night. Each slowing gaining ground until the appointed day, when either the day possess more light than dark and vice versa. This battle is never ending with each never really giving ground for they know within a short time the balance will shift in their favor once more. The celebrations and traditions associated with this event date back centuries and are most likely pagan in origin. For many practicing  pagans and witches today is an important celebration and marks a great time of renewal. Thus the battle lines are once again drawn with the god of light winning temporally, with the god of the night snapping at his heels, waiting for his victory come the Winter Solstice. However you celebrate across the world enjoy the day and may all your wishes for the future be realized.


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