Food, a healer

Day 034/100

Finally caught up on some reading today, it was great, no distractions, disruptions. The book is one of those, I really need to know what happens so much that I can not put it down. My usual reading material is crime novels, I claim its research for my studies, well partly but mostly I just enjoy that genre. Once in a while I will step outside it and read something most people would not usually associate with me, I draw the line at chick lit, there was enough drama about boys, clothes and shoes when I was in high school, and do not fancy reliving it now. I usually pick these novels from reviews in different papers or magazines, there is just something about them that makes me think, yes, that might be interesting. The key factor is that they must have the ability to make me think about something, or to see something in a very different way. Not unlike looking at a piece of art in a new way, even if you have seen it many times before. Currently I am knee deep in Joanne Harris’ new novel, the reason for choosing it was the return of all those characters from an earlier title Chocolate. (Best read as I have said before while consuming  a large box of expensive choccies, when you read it you will understand why). As with a number of her works food plays a prominent role in the storytelling and at times helps those in need to find the solution they require to the presented situation. This novel is no different, how do you bring two very different cultures together, but through food. And this premise got me thinking on the bus on the way home in the rain, yep, again. How simple life would be if the sharing a meal or a gift of food could solve our problems. A broken friendship being mended over coffee and cake, disenchanted lovers rekindling their love over Champagne and oysters (not my cup of tea), the great divide between parents and child, reunited over a favorite childhood dinner or making a homeless person visible with a cup of sweet tea and a sandwich. So perhaps the next time something goes astray between you and whom ever, take a step back, put on the kettle and whip out the biscuit tin. And together try and put back together the broken fragments, icing may help, but I think patience and understanding might work better.


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