The joys of public transport

Day 024/100

Yet again it is raining in Dublin, and this time it is more than just a mere sprinkle of raindrops. We have been experiencing pretty bad weather the last couple of days and guess what, it is due to continue. The only challenging part about bad weather is how nutty people become, manners, patience and common courtesy’s go flying out the window. Now waiting to board a bus you get belted out of the way as if Black Friday has just started, trying to cross a road safely becomes an assault course, even if you are in the right, and I have lost count of the times I have been smacked with umbrella’s, I would have had better luck fighting Errol Flynn. As bad as the day started out it did end on a funny note. Dublin city in rush hour is manageable, but throw in bad weather and rush hour can out do the best New York and London have to throw at commuters. So if any traffic problems arise people instantly go from calm serenity to all out bonkers from nought to sixty in a split second. Having travelled a lot I have come to learn to just go with the flow when these unscripted interludes occur. But what made things funny was how people reacted to being told the bus had to find an alternate route through the city, all at once every mobile phone was in use texting, updating the world that the bus was having to divert. It was like watching Sky News or the BBC News breaking a big news story, sitting there I was half expecting to see NBC’s Tom Brokaw or Channel Four’s Jon Snow popping up to do, a to camera piece and interviewing those closest to the action. Asking those probing questions to make sure the world knows how defining and important this event was. All I could do was smile. Unfortunately sitting there looking like a drowned rat (step up from demented elf) and grinning madly, I am sure my fellow passengers though I was the potty one. Mind you though, I never did get to have my 15 minutes of fame explaining to Jon Snow how noteworthy the whole event was.


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