Reflections of ourselves

Day 023/100

Have not spoken about photography for a week or two so decided today might be as good a day as ever to have a few words. Photographs for many people are a way of reminding themselves about special events, or those special people in their lives. When as their lives progress the collection of shoeboxes or albums increases so as to never forget, or having reached a point in our lives to help us remember the past, and of those long gone from this world. Photographs have the power to retain the presence of someone once loved, now absent, parents grieving for a child, a lover for their soul mate or friend now sipping coffee companionless. To all a tangible, visual reminder allows them to recall and feel as if the absent sitter in still with them. Being a photographer I can appreciate how important photography is in documenting life, the good times, and bad, but I myself do not keep those eponymous shoeboxes of photographs. I keep no visual record of friends or family, which to some may appear a little strange. For me I choose to keep a record of all those wonderful events and occasions in my mind. Where the recollections make themselves known through experiencing the scents of fresh blueberry pie, chili noodles, chicken mole, the heady bouquet of fresh flowers or cut grass, even a simple snow fall. What makes the remembrance more enjoyable is the spontaneousness of the events, I could be walking through the city and smell flowers, or pass a bakery, where the smell of fresh bread, recalls my grandmother making soda bread on autumn afternoon. In order to remember we do not always have to have a tangible reminder but carry within our own hearts and minds the most important keys to enable us to make present those absences.


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