Life is the best Educator

Day 022/100

“All of life is a constant education.” Eleanor Roosevelt

On this occasion I must concur with Mrs. Roosevelt, that education consists not only of what we are taught and learn in school but of how we face and overcome the trials and tribulations of life thereafter. What we do not realise is that high school does end and that it is at its close, we truly begin our life’s education. When we leave the security of high school to move into employment, further education or just travel the world looking for who we are. But it is this search in determining who we are that helps create the person we will ultimately become. Travel, alternative cultures, new friends, relationships, all combine both the good and bad experiences to educate us in how to best move forward in life and to use the knowledge gained to become better individuals. Life may not always be a picnic, I know that myself from challenging experiences but having gone through them I better appreciate the value of what they taught me. Also that I am not perfect and do make mistakes, which I have come to welcome not fear. By making mistakes we learn more and also which of our friends are the keepers. So no matter how book smart I may think I am my true education in understanding myself and life has come from my travels, family, friends and those complete strangers I have met, if only for a fleeting moment.


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