Wet and Wild

Day 018/100

Before anyone gets the wrong idea about the title, it is pouring with rain here and pretty windy. Its one of those nights where you curl up under the duvet watching a good thriller or on the couch, with a good book, accompanied by a cute bloke or failing that a large box of expensive choccies. Have to say got the duvet and movie but unfortunately missing the other two key components. Just one of those maudlin days where you wish you were not so single and that you have someone to cuddle up with and talk long into the night. I think everyone has these days, I am just missing all my friends, and wondering if we were together what we would be doing, rock and bowl, the movies or late nights chatting in Tim Hortons (Canadian coffee institution for those unfamiliar with it, one in every town). The best place to chat and have a coffee was on the riverfront in Windsor, Ontario, looking at the Detroit skyline and the tankers going down the river. Quite and peaceful, and nice on a cool night with no rain, unlike here in the Emerald Isle at the moment. Anyway here’s to all those looking for love or missing friends, hope you find what you are looking for. I am off to bed to watch my movie and dream of sweet things.


In closing hi to everyone who has liked one of my posts or is now following me, much appreciated. Only started writing to help me stay focused over the coming months, so having others read it is pretty neat. Cheers.


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