Day 013/100

To remember, never to forget. Have been following an online thread today about the importance of books and the role they play in our remembrance of past historical events. The question posed is that with the advent of e-books that history could be altered or changed in order to change the outcome of a specific event or to remove its existence altogether. As we move through the twenty-first century eyewitnesses who witnessed the history of the twentieth century become fewer and fewer, and with their loss, a tangible and real connection to past events are excised. Thus the books written which document and record the events of the past become more precious, but no matter how complete they are there will always be omissions. Not intentional but not everything can be remembered. In addition no matter how unbiased the author may claim to be, there will to some extent always be a bias present, this is inherent to human nature, through upbringing, family history, ideals, education, culture and life experience. Thus, creating digital words from the physically printed  ones, does not alter or exclude there meaning, for the meaning to begin with is already incomplete.


“Nobody ever sees truth except in fragments.”

Henry Ward BeecherProverbs from Plymouth Pulpit


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