All over bar the shouting

Day 010/100

Friday is the day that can make or break the week, do you go out on a high and have a great weekend, of have the day from hell and forget the weekend ever existed. Today was one of the good ones, there sitting on the mat outside the door was an off white envelope, with the unmistakable logo. Scooped it up and opened it. I have been waiting for this letter for the last couple of weeks, to tell me if I was successful in my application to undertake my PhD. I want another 3 long years of late nights, crazy deadlines, nutty professors, being broke, all to create work that is original. No mean feat and still unsure if I am up to the job. Once the shock wore off and I actually read the letter, I am happy to say I have been offered the opportunity for the chance in future years to become one of those nutty professors. Mind you I have learned never to underestimate the nutty professors they know more than all the sane ones put together. Doing the research will be the easy part, funding it will be the challenge, and so beings the form filling. All I can say is bring it on and come what may. Enjoy the weekend.


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