Sudden freedom

Day 009/100

It was one of those surprise days where you think it will follow one path but ends up being a completely different one. One where time became more available and that I could do anything with it. When you have too much of a choice then choosing becomes a challenge. Lunch was, I managed to sit through lunch having only a coffee and water, with my sister munching her way through a chicken katsu curry. Believe me there was no stopping her getting katsu curry today. I think the waiter thought I was a bit odd, but hey I was never one to follow others, probably what got me ostracised in highschool. Lifes no fun folowing others and I have found at times you have to be the devils advocate in order to succeed or help someone else. Being different makes life more fun, but there are some differences that make you stand out for the wrong reasons. Being fat (there I have said it) here in Ireland is not the best thing, lost count of the times I have been called names, or been sneered at. People say it does’nt hurt but deep down it does. And for the first time in life I am ashamed of who I am, people do not see me for who I am, or what I bring to the table, only what I look like. Like the old adage goes “Never judge a book by its cover”, is somewhat overlooked in current times. Pity.


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