Language of Flowers

Day 005/100

Languages allow us to speak and communicate what exactly we wish to say. Be it through words, a note, a look or something more exotic like flowers. The language of flowers is an old tradition but one that has very much fallen out of favor today. In Victorian times a bouquet of flowers could symbolize everything from passion, secret and forbidden loves, betrayal, to hope and forgiveness. How much easier would it be to say I love you or I’m sorry if all we had to do was present the requisite flower or plant. No need for words, just a simple action, which would mean more than the vacant echo of an empty promise. I wonder too if the flowers which we love reflect subconsciously an element of who we are? My favorite flower is the Calla Lilly, which is given the meaning Modesty. Only others could tell me if I am modest. The next time a conversation needs to be had, maybe consider using the language of flowers to say what you truly mean.


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