Day one down, yippee

Day 001/100

Well I have made it through the first day, unscathed, somewhat wistful of all the things I will not be able to indulge in over the coming months. But reminding myself that it will be worth it. One thing I have begun to notice is how wonderful things smell, as if being denied them they become all the more fragrant. Coffee, its richly dark aroma, seducing you to partake in one last forbidden pleasure.

Being a photographer it is only natural to understand that photographs carry an ability to evoke past memories or lost times as if they were never forgotten. For me, the most important photographs are those which possess the ability to change the course of history, by holding a mirror up to mankind, and forcing him to acknowledge his darker self. For the last few days I have been pondering the notion that perhaps contemporary photographs of mankind’s horrors no longer hold the power of change they once did. For now we have the technological capabilities to send such photographs across the world in seconds and have them hit news stands in hours, by sheer visual proliferation and repetition the viewer becomes immune to their message. Has the photograph begun to loose its ability to evoke and prompt questioning.

Time will tell.



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